The Culture Blueprint
The step-by-step guide to developing the high performance organization

The Culture Blueprint is a systematic guide to building a company culture that fosters committed, enthusiastic employees. Distilling his years of experience teaching culture-building to companies like Google, P&G and Amazon, Robert Richman reveals:

  • The complete Culture Toolkit to immediately upgrade your company culture
  • How to make sure your culture attracts the right employees (and repulses the wrong ones)
  • The Core Value Discovery Formula and how to use it to integrate your mission, vision, and values
  • How to apply the 99% Rule to stop annoying your employees
  • Why Unbreakable Rituals are the most underrated tool in your culture arsenal

In order to thrive, companies must do more than satisfy their employees; they must create passionate ones. The Culture Blueprint will teach you how to develop a culture that does just that.


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“I was simply blown away. I read The Culture Blueprint and it transformed the way I think about my companies. I brought Robbie in for a speech, and he did more than just talk about culture, he gave us an experience that became a catalyst moment. The teams not only saw the importance of a strong culture, they are now excited about it and realize it’s everyone’s responsibility, not just mine as CEO. Rather than viewing this as a mandatory program forced on them from outside, they are now excited about co-creating and maintaining strict adherence to these core values! I’m confident that if we ever veer off course, we have this shared experience to remember and reconnect us with what’s really important. Any company could benefit from Robbie’s wisdom. However, if you’re a growing company, it’s imperative that you speak with him immediately to harness the chaos, catalyze the vision, and stabilize for the future.”

—James Wallace, CEO Scorpio Media

“Rob Richman is a world-class speaker and culture creator. To learn the innovation keys he developed at, I highly recommend his leadership blueprint for success.” 

—Cliff Michaels, Author of The 4 Essentials

“I am an avid reader, a really avid reader. No business book has ever brought me to such a highly emotional state that I have had tears welling up in my eyes. Your book has had that effect on me. Why? Because it creates practical and implementable methods and processes and hope that many people can have deeply meaningful and rewarding work. That includes CEO’s, C level executives, and all the way through to the new hire, and on to it’s customers and shareholders.” 

—Gordon McDougall, entrepreneur

“A lot of people who attended are still talking about you and asking how they can get in touch with you and your book. Great job! The experience was AWESOME and ACHIEVED!! Thanks so much for totally blowing my expectation clear out of the water!”

—Beena Patel—Toyota Financial Services, US Headquarters

“This book is one of the most interesting and comprehensive business guides I’ve ever read—and I’ve read quite a few. I can’t even imagine starting a business today, without The Culture Blueprint by my side. Get your hands on it when it comes out! I personally guarantee you’ll be glad you did.” 

—Steve Dorfman, host of We Mean Business! 

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